After mastering technological challenges, Joël Hamon and Féérie’s team devoted themselves to combining artistic performance with emotion. What a wonderful challenge!
Joël Hamon and his team design and stage large scale fireworks entertainment in France and around the world.

Fireworks on the bay of La Baule (9 km long) Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fireworks display.


50 and 55 years of the Algerian Revolution, in Algiers

World festival of youth, in Algiers

  • Birth of the king of Morocco’s son in Rabat

  • Celtic Nights in the “Stade de France”

  • Millennium of Château Gontier

New Year’s Eve 2000 in Basse Terre (Guadeloupe)
  • 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Basse Terre (Guadeloupe)
  • Loire Festival in Orléans (fireworks on 800m)
  • 50 years of “La cite radieuse Le corbusier” in Rezé

See our special effects.


Thanks to computer and technical engineering, the artist produces a multitude of effects that awaken our senses. Sprays of stars go off to the sounds of percussion. He produces dramatic effects with aggressive music. Fountains spread out on majestic and elegant notes while bright colourful blazing stars scatter across the sky to the sound of piano music.

But having Leonardo Da Vinci’s brushstroke does not mean everyone can paint the Mona Lisa!