Joel, who was raised near the Ruggieri Factory where his father worked, was immersed in the smell of powder at a very young age. As an adult, he reached his full potential in the sale of industrial machines and robots.

At the age of 35, a new opportunity came to him in the Ruggieri company. He kept fond memories of some moments of intense emotions such as his contribution to three displays over Annecy Lake, a display at Mont St Michel and a long-time collaboration with Puy du Fou.

But at the age of 45, Joël wanted to quit the security provided by a comfortable situation to express his artistic approach in pyrotechnics.

It was the creation of Féérie! His experience and technical know-how were soon be passed on to Joël’s son David and daughter Mélanie who later on decided to join the team.
Each year, more than a hundred experienced pyrotechnicians from Féérie fascinate and fill with wonder hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The best recognition for this is of course The Gold Vestale for “Roméo and Juliet”. No other company had won this trophy since 1971!