Automatic fires are made for private use. Every person over 18 can shoot a real firework made of professional products for a reasonable budget and in safety conditions. No experience is required. 


Our products:

With the firework box, an integral show can be made (with an introduction, different sequences and a final). Find below the different lengths for these automatic fireworks 45 sec., 1 min ½; 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, 7 min. We CAN NOT send any automatic fireworks, you have to withdraw it directly in our office, in Nantes. 




Using standard and guarantee:

Each model of automatic fire has been studied very carefully. All products included in this automatic fire are certified by a state laboratory. 



Possibility to combine several boxes to create a more intensive show or to associate them with other services such as: 

  • Firing or dazzling illuminations, fire letter
  • Pyrotechnic shows at night or during the day
  • Confettis and streamers 
  • and more…


Using advices

Those boxes are made to be used at night It is necessary to 

  • Stick to the user guide,
  • Put the box in an open area and at 40 meters from the audience,
  • Remove the lid of the box,
  • Light the fuse or to put the battery and snap the button,
  • Respect the safety distance and enjoy the show!