Féérie stages fireworks displays on large-scale venues or in urban environments. The show can cover unusual settings. It can be set in the heart of the city to fire up the crowd. buildings and monuments can be decked out with light or fire. The stage is set for an amazing show!

Pyromusical choreography:

The alchemy of music, fire, rhythm, and senses create a harmony of well-being. Only then, can the show be one with the spectators. The journey to the kingdom of emotions has started.

Operas and pyrotechnic tales:

Through the magic of words, the show becomes a tale, a legend or an opera. The fireworks illustrate the texts while the music creates the setting. Sometimes giant pictures as much as the lights and flames can also contribute to emotions.

Special artistic effects:

Architectural and dynamic lights, giant pictures, multicoloured lasers, astonishing flame effects, water screens, fire structures…
Our special effects complement technology to illustrate a theme or a tale, limited only by our imagination.

Live performances:

Man and fire play together. Man domesticates fire. He draws arabesques, creates colourful geysers and shoots a multitude of blazing stars in the sky.